Military fixed and rotary wing aircraft performance
  • Computation of the Multi-Role Combat Aircraft flying performance
  • Computation of the training aircraft flying performance
  • Computation of the helicopter flying performance
  • Aircraft Flight Test Engineering & Evaluation (T&E, OT&E)
  • Flight Test and Certification support
  • Aircraft characteristics database and comparison
  • Aircraft preliminary and detail design support
Pilot and technician training
  • Training needs analysis, programs definition and optimization
  • Flight Simulation Training Device training support
Flight simulation training devices (FSTD)
  • FSTD development, design, upgrade and update support
  • FSTD training centers support in infrastructure building
  • Implementation, integration and auditing of the civil and military standards in training centers (EASA, FAA)
  • Military and civil aircraft FSTD and ATC simulators procurement support
  • Military and civil aircraft FSTD and ATC simulators integration and maintenance support
Approved training organizations
  • Support in teaching of aviation courses
  • Developing a particular courses learning material
  • Computer Based Training System (CBTS) developing
  • Support in auditing and certification
Design, aircraft maintenance, repair, overhaul, upgrade and modernization
  • Aircraft technical documentation managing - database, translation, update
  • Support in data and procedures applicable for flight manuals
  • Project documentation development and support in various repair processes
  • Project development and solutions of particular upgrade and modernization with CNI package
  • Electromagnetic field behaviour and EMC analysis of interferences of various avionics and radio devices installed onboard aircraft
  • Prediction and simulations of properties and performances of a future prototype
  • Design of UAVs
  • Service Life Time Extension - determination of fatigue strength and fatigue life
  • Analysis of vibration spreading in the aircraft structure
  • Simulation of crash tests and aircraft crash analysis
  • Certification of MRO facilities support
Space program
  • Design of systems for space ships
  • Design of astronaut's personal belong devices and tools
  • Support in rocket and space ships design and maintenance
  • Support in design of satelites
Aerospace science
  • Reliable partner in new R&D projects
  • Guest lecturing on Aerospace/Aviation faculties