Book „Наш МАКС“ („Our MAKS“)

Elevon tehnologije, 2019.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the International Aerospace Exhibition (russian MAKS) in the Russian aviation city of Zhukovsky, the company Elevon Technologies from Zagreb has published the book „Our MAKS“. The book "Our MAKS" is recognized as a valuable and unique work because since now no similar book was published. “Our MAKS” is written bilingual on both Croatian and Russian languages. On 496 pages and more than 1300 photographs in chronological order describe and depict the development of Russian aviation, which is realized through airplanes, helicopters and drones of various categories and applications from 1992 to 2017. In the introductory part of the book, about thirty aviation experts, as well as some representatives of the military and political life of Croatia, Russian Federation and several other countries, wrote their experiences and comments on the importance of exhibition MAKS.
The price of one copy of the book is 65 EUR and can be obtained from the publisher, as well as in Zhukovsky.
Contact: +385 91 403 1400, E: